EV Charging Business


AiPower: China TOP Manufacturer of EV Chargers & Lithium Battery Chargers

● 9 Years+ Experience in EV Charging Solution

● Registered Capital: 14.5 Million USD

● Production Base: 20,000 square meters

● Product Certification: UL, CE

● Company Certification: ISO45001, ISO14001, ISO9001, IATF16949

● Service: Customization, Localization SKD, CKD, Onsite Service, After-sales Service.

● Main Customers: BYD, HELI, XCMG, LIUGONG, JAC, LONKING, etc.

● Sub-companies producing metal housings, power modules and lithium batteries


Product Lines of EV Chargers, Lithium Battery Chargers, Lithium Batteries

Aisun is brand developed for overseas markets by Guangdong AiPower New Energy Technology Co., Ltd.

Its main product lines include DC Charging Stations, AC EV Chargers, Portable Charging Piles, Forklift Chargers, AGV Chargers, and EV Charger Adapters. Most of our products are certified by TUV lab with UL or CE certifications.

These charging solutions are widely used for various electric vehicles such as electric cars, buses, forklifts, AGVs, aerial work platforms, excavators, and watercraft.

We prioritize quality and safety, ensuring our chargers meet stringent industry standards and provide reliable, efficient power for all types of electric vehicles.



Lithium Battery Charger & EV Charger Manufacturer

As one of China's leading EV charging companies, Aipower operates a 20,000 square meter factory in Dongguan City.

The factory specializes in producing EV chargers, lithium battery chargers, and wire harness processing. It is certified with ISO9001, ISO45001, ISO14001, and IATF16949 standards, ensuring high-quality production and reliability.

AiPower workshop & Production Lines (a)

AiPower also produces power modules and metal housings.

The power module factory features a class 100,000 cleanroom and offers comprehensive processes, including SMT, DIP, assembly, aging tests, function tests, and packaging.

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The metal housing factory at AiPower includes complete processes such as laser cutting, bending, riveting, automatic welding, grinding, coating, printing, assembly, and packaging.

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Leveraging strong R&D and manufacturing capabilities, AiPower has established long-term partnerships with renowned brands like BYD, HELI, SANY, XCMG, GAC Mitsubishi, LIUGONG, and LONKING.

In a decade, AiPower has become China's top OEM/ODM service provider for lithium battery chargers and EV chargers.

R&D of EV Chargers & Lithium Battery Chargers

AiPower prioritizes scientific and technological innovation as its core competitive edge.

Since its establishment, AiPower has focused on independent R&D and technological innovation, investing 5%-8% of its turnover in R&D annually.

The company has built a strong R&D team with 60+ expert engineers and a well-equipped lab.

Additionally, AiPower has established an EV Charging Technology Research Center for industry-university research collaboration with Shanghai Jiao Tong University.

AiPower R&D

Customization for EV Chargers & Lithium Battery Chargers

Customization Services Offered by AiPower R&D Team

● Software and APP Development
● Appearance Customization
● Function and Electronic Components
● Branding and Packaging

Customization Costs

● When it comes to customizing software, APP, appearance, functions, or electronic parts, the AiPower R&D team will assess the associated costs, known as the Non-Recurring Engineering (NRE) fee.
● Once the NRE fee is paid, the AiPower R&D team will initiate the New Product Introduction (NPI) process.
● Based on mutual business negotiations and agreements, the NRE fee can be refunded to the customer when the cumulative order quantity meets a predetermined standard within an agreed-upon timeframe.

Warranty & After-sales service for EV Chargers & Lithium Battery Chargers

Aisun Warranty Information

For DC charging stations, AC EV chargers, and lithium battery chargers, the default warranty period is 24 months from the shipment date. For plugs and plug cables, the warranty period is 12 months.

Warranty periods may vary depending on purchase orders (PO), invoices, business agreements, contracts, and local laws or regulations.

Aisun Technical Support

We offer 24/7 remote technical support for EV Charging business. Our response times are as follows:

  • Phone Support: We respond within one hour of receiving your call.
  • Email Support: We respond within two hours of receiving your email.

For prompt assistance, please contact us via phone or email.

Aisun After-Sales Service Guide

If you need after-sales support for your Aisun product, contact us via:

Steps for After-Sales Service:

1. Contact Aisun: Reach us by phone, email, or our website for after-sales service.

2. Provide Defect Details: Share defect details, after-sales requirements, and clear pictures of the equipment nameplates. Videos or additional documents may also be needed.

3. Evaluation: Our team will assess the information to determine responsibility for the defect. This may involve negotiations to reach an agreement.

4. Service Arrangement: Once an agreement is reached, the Aisun team will arrange the necessary after-sales service.

For more information or to initiate a service request, please visit our website or contact us directly.

Aisun Warranty and Support Details

1. Under Warranty - Defect Caused by Aisun: If a defect is caused by Aisun, we will provide spare parts, a repair guide video, and remote technical support at no cost. Aisun will cover all labor, material, and freight costs.

2. Under Warranty - Defect Not Caused by Aisun: If a defect is not caused by Aisun, we will provide spare parts, a repair guide video, and remote technical support. The customer will be responsible for all labor, material, and freight costs.

3. Out of Warranty: If the product is no longer under warranty, we will provide spare parts, a repair guide video, and remote technical support. The customer will be responsible for all labor, material, and freight costs.

On-site Service

If on-site service is applicable or required by contract, Aisun will arrange for on-site service.


  • The warranty and after-sales service policy applies only to territories outside Mainland China.
  • Please keep your PO, invoice, and sales contract, as these documents may be required for warranty claims.
  • Aisun reserves the full and ultimate rights to explain the warranty and after-sales service policy.