The innovative road to future logistics power – Aipower charging piles and lithium battery smart charger equipment are grandly unveiled (CeMAT ASIA 2023)

09 Nov 23

On October 24, the much-anticipated Asian International Logistics Technology and Transportation Systems Exhibition (CeMATASIA2023) opened with a grand opening at the Shanghai New International Expo Center. Aipower New Energy has become a leading service provider in providing comprehensive solutions for China’s industrial vehicle field. With lithium battery chargers, AGV chargers and charging piles, it once again appeared and became the “focus of the audience”.

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The lithium battery smart charger series are as follows:
1.Portable charger

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2.AGV smart charger

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3. AGV telescopic-free integrated charger

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At the exhibition, our manager Guo was fortunate enough to be invited by a reporter from China AGV Network to have an in-depth discussion on AGV chargers.

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AGV network:
The rapid development of AGV technology has attracted widespread attention in the manufacturing and logistics industries. Please talk about how Aipower New Energy provides customers with continuous power support through its AGV chargers to meet the growing demand for AGVs.

General Manager Ms.Guo:

With the rapid development of AGV technology, charging technology is in a stage of continuous innovation. In order to better adapt to various AGV application scenarios, Aipra has launched manual charging products and automatic charging products: including ground charging and direct charging. Charging, telescopic charger, wireless charging and other products. Based on the development trend of the AGV industry, Aipower actively responds to market demand and continues technological innovation to provide the industry with efficient and long-lasting charging solutions and the best charging method to meet the needs of AGVs.
AGV network:
Aipower New Energy’s lithium battery charger is a very popular product on the market. Can you introduce the core features and advantages of your lithium battery charger, and how to meet the evolving needs of customers?
General Manager Ms.Guo:
Aipower charging products have been widely used in AGV, electric forklifts, electric vehicles, electric ships, electric engineering machinery and other fields. Our products have intelligent control systems; adopt high-efficiency fast charging or multi-point charging technology; are highly safe and have safety protection functions; are highly flexible and can be applied to different usage scenarios; are highly scalable and adopt modular design to support Product expansion and upgrades to meet customers’ changing needs and customized services are among the highlights. Our products have passed TUV European standard, American standard; Japanese standard, Australian standard, Korean KC and other certifications, and are exported to all over the world to provide customers with complete charging solutions and services.

AGV network:

Currently, global supply chains face a variety of challenges, from raw material shortages to transportation issues. How does Aipower New Energy respond to these challenges and ensure the stability and reliability of the product supply chain?

General Manager Ms.Guo:

On the one hand, after several years of epidemic control and international development, our country has increased its support for domestic manufacturing and self-sufficiency. Aipower will also strengthen the management of supply chain risks to formulate corresponding risk management plans. , try to localize the supply chain and reduce reliance on a single supply chain, especially for key accessories of export products, to reduce risks. On the other hand, Aipower improves the visibility, timeliness and efficiency of our supply chain by establishing an effective supplier digital management platform and using the application of technologies such as the Internet of Things, big data analysis and artificial intelligence to help us better respond. Logistics bottlenecks and risks. Finally, we need to build a diversified supply chain networkto ensure flexible supply, strengthen cooperation with suppliers, and achieve sustainable development.

AGV network:

In the next few years, what are your prospects for the development of the AGV and lithium battery charger market? Does Aipower New Energy plan to launch new products or technological innovations to meet changing market needs?

General Manager Ms.Guo:

With the rapid development of lithium batteries, the market’s requirements for charging technology are also getting higher and higher. Charging methods in the future will be more diversified, efficient, intelligent, and interconnected. There are not only traditional manual charging, battery swapping, smart charging and wireless charging.

Aipower adheres to the path of independent research and development and technological innovation, and will soon launch self-developed charging modules and integrated charging products to meet the market’s safe, reliable and stable fast charging technology requirements; at the same time, Aipower’s wireless Charging products are ready for wireless charging in the market. Adhering to the concept of Internet + smart interconnection, Aipower has launched the independently developed Renren charging operation and management platform. By integrating big data, it provides comprehensive functional requirements and maintenance management solutions. Provide users with more efficient services.

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Summary: Aipower New Energy is committed to meeting the growing market demand for AGVs and lithium battery chargers, and provides efficient, intelligent, and safe charging solutions through continuous innovation. Actively respond to supply chain challenges to ensure the reliability of product supply. In the future, we plan to launch new products and technological innovations to meet the changing needs of the market and provide customers with a higher level of service.

Post time: Nov-10-2023