European-Standard Portable Multi-plug EV charger

Summary of Portable Multi-plug EV charger

European-Standard Portable Multi-plug EV charger.
Compact and versatile, this portable charger is designed for the modern electric vehicle user. With the current switching function, you can choose two switching currents according to your needs. The indicator shows the charging status. This model can be equipped with different power plugs, such as CEE, Schuko, BS, NEMA, etc., to ensure it is suitable for all markets worldwide.

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Characteristics of Portable Multi-plug EV charger

● Suitable for up to 28 types of protocol power adapter, free replacement to meet the use of different countries and regions.
● Handle length 103mm, round corner, and the design of non-slip line, more in line with European and American ergonomic design.
● Coming with temperature detection, which can avoid hidden dangers caused by high temperature.
● Automatic fault repair, to ensure the stable operation of products.
● Able to make an appointment to charge, more cost savings.
● Intelligent plug identification; Automatic adjusting of maximum safe current.

Specfication of Portable Multi-plug EV charger

Model number EVSEPR-1-EU
Max. Voltage 480V
Rated current 16A-32A
Operating temperature From-30℃ to +50℃
Protection level IP54/IP65
Rubber shell flame retardant grade UL94V-0
Insert and remove life(No load) ≥10000 times
Insertion force <100N
Cable length 5m (customizable)


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